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Non-surgical Liposuction
Bodysound is an equipment that uses ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic are applied from the outside on the cutis through specific probes; they can break adipose cells in a selective way and reshape the body without surgery, thanks to the direct action on fibrous tissues affected by cellulite. It is a completely painless and non-invasive methodology. The great news of this technique is in the use of ultrasonic waves emitted by probes. It is the only non-surgical technique that stretches cutis on the surface reducing “orange-peel” skin, by breaking the subcutaneous fibrous septs. In addition, the main action of ultrasonic on adipose cells, matched with the electrochanneling of active principles of the medical gel which is used, allows a corporal circumference reduction in the treated areas. Results are visible with just 4-6 sessions.

Ultrasonic Liposculpture
External ultrasounds emitted by probes of “Bodysound” can be used together with liposculpture, creating an extremely effective technique for localized adipose PANNICOLI, for previously treated areas and for areas difficult to treat, as the high abdomen, the back, arms and ankles. Ultrasonic action makes the fat fluid and facilitates its extraction through very thin pipes (2-3 mm), in tumescence local anesthesia. All this facilitates the post-operation period of the patient, enabling a quicker resumption of working activity and it reduces the complications with better aesthetic results.